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How are you feeling lovely? Whether you’re anxious about giving birth or wanting to learn just how your body is going to work it’s magic, or if you’re on an emotional rollercoaster and don’t know where to start, I can coach you through.

From Hypnobirthing Courses to C-Section Preparation, Twin Birth workshops and fully comprehensive Private - tailored therapy/coaching. This is created for pregnant couples and any parent that happens to need a refresher or some assistance getting back on track. These sessions are designed to break away from the traditional that “works” for some and not for others.
This will work for you at a level that you will intuitively know is RIGHT.

Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting coaching and Hypnotherapy that will leave you feeling empowered, excited and resilient in this life chapter. Each session will equip you with tools to help you prepare by finding healthier ways to respond to the challenges as they arise, even embracing them!
How do I know this? Because it will be I’VE SOOOOO BEEN THERE!

The Mamma coach sessions are designed to fully prepare your mind, your body and your life for pregnancy, birth and parenting.

I just wanted to quickly fill you in on the arrival of our little girl last week. She came 11 days late (one day before the induction was booked) and as a first-time mum, I had absolutely zero expectations, only a vague hope for how it might go. It was a really calm, luckily hitch-free and relatively speedy (just 10 hours from first contraction) delivery, and I felt at every moment (apart from just one single transitional contraction before full dilation where I was like NO. MORE.) that I could cope and that it wasn’t going to overwhelm me. I managed to maintain deep slow breathing throughout (a feat for me, as I think I mentioned I have struggled with calm breathing in the past) and found affirmations during contractions extremely effective. No pain relief! Definitely thanks in no small part to your course - and also proof that you can get into hypnobirthing right at the end of your pregnancy and it’s not necessarily too late!
— Poppy
We can do this together!

We can do this together!

The MC Hypnobirthing One Day Course (Private or Group)

Rates starting at £135/Couple, Private £250

A condensed One-Day Course to learn to birth your baby more confident, calm and in control. Great if you just want to learn hypnobirthing alongside a book and mp3’s and for anyone feeling anxious about birth.

Using simple, tried and tested Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness techniques, you learn to harness the power of your mind and your body to comfortably birth your baby, no matter what happens and where.

Birth Partners learn to assist in a way they may not have considered and leave feeling empowered to support and nurture in the way their partner needs and is necessary to have a better and more bonding pregnancy and birth, advocating for you in the way that you need and desire, creating an environment suitable for birth wherever you are.

You will leave with a skillset for life that includes Mindfulness, Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation techniques. You and your partner will learn about how your body is designed to have a baby, how you can work with it to give birth, the mind-body connection and how to cope with labour using breathing techniques, visualisation and much more.

Suits anytime from 20 weeks. Great as a standalone workshop or as an addition to any other birth prep classes such as NCT, NHS or Positive Birth Groups. Suitable for multiples too!

You won’t leave empty handed either! I will gift you with my personal aromatherapy blends, mp3’s to keep you on track and a comprehensive course manual.


Next Workshop Dates are:
(All workshops take place in Ramsgate, Kent unless otherwise stated)

I recommend doing a workshop from around 20 weeks

I recommend doing a workshop from around 20 weeks

Private Coaching & Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy for Birth & Parenting

Rates starting at £55/60 Minute sessions

If you are anxious, worried or fearful about any aspect of pregnancy, birth or parenting, we can work together to motivate, empower and educate you. Hypno-CBT is an effective therapy for this transformative time in your life. Your personal needs, hopes, desires and experiences are unique and we will tailor each session to you to address any anxiety, fears or concerns you may have, enabling you to step back and admire your uniqueness as parents, lovers, professionals, your lifestyles and your wellbeing.

Looking after ‘Number One’ ensures that you will be prepared for your baby in more ways than just the birth and a buggy. We will look at what is important to you and your partner so that you can move on and open up the doors emerging as the parents you want to be, having an empowered pregnancy and positive birth. Owning it all as an experience you will want to remember, no regrets.

I offer a comprehensive toolkit of effective strategies and techniques including simple Relaxation, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and CBT. Life skills to set as a standard to live by and enjoy, teaching you to remain committed to your values, to work with your partner to establish new ways for both of you to cope and to let go of any unnecessary baggage in your relationships. Learn self compassion, improve your self worth, to trust in your instincts and ease into who you are proud and content to be.

I believe in a collaborative and holistic approach that ensures you have everything covered to suit you and your partner. I’m accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Register, General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and am fully insured. See my Therapy website for details

Get in touch for a free 20 minute Consultation. Rates are from £65 for a 75 minute session. I also offer reductions for 3 or more sessions. You will receive mp3’s, downloads and more to ensure you are given the full care and attention you deserve.

Never without my journal!

Never without my journal!

Positive Caesarean Section (Belly Birth) Preparation

Private ONLINE £135, PRIVATE £210

Yes! C-Section births can be prepared for! There is so much that you can do to ensure you have a gentle belly birth and know what you can do to speed up your recovery and bond with your baby. Let’s get you started by understanding that Abdominal Birth (Traditionally called Caesarean Section) is still giving birth (and many prefer to birth this way), for many reasons. You won’t find any judgement here: I had my twins this way.

Belly Birth preparation includes mindset work, breathing exercises and ensuring birth partners are well equipped to support you. We practice techniques to help you both release any concerns or worry beforehand, and how to nurture and cope during your recovery process afterwards. I’ll give you tools to remain calm, content and able to care for your baby from the moment they are in your arms.

We look at gentle C-Section birth, which is usually a booked-in birth, but we will also look at emergency’s too, and ways to cope with everything in those moments and beyond. I had a planned Belly Birth with my twins and i’ll be giving you all the information I used to have a positive birth.

Mamma Belly Bump

Mamma Belly Bump

Two little monkeys

Two little monkeys

Twin Birth Preparation Workshop

private online £145, private £220

Of course Twin birth can and should be prepared for in the same way as any other birth, and I have twin-pregnant couples attending my workshops who go on to have beautiful births. However, twin pregnancies are considered a risky business by the Health Pro’s and therefore, depending on who is caring for you, you may experience some challenges, be they externally, or internally. Fear and worry can turn up uninvited and really wreck the party, so i’ve designed a workshop to specifically target these challenges and leave you feeling fully resilient and prepared.

You will learn: Physiology of birthing twins, Mindfulness and self hypnosis tools, plus birth partners will be fully prepped on how best to support you before, during and after birth. You’ll be given mp3’s to help your relax and prepare, as well as downloads to inform you fully of what to expect and ideas on how you can build your coping skills and support each other.

As a twin Mamma myself, this workshop contains all of the information I wished I’d had, and everything I’ve learnt along the way. Packed with top tips, you’ll have a techniques and ideas to keep you going for LIFE!


I just wanted to thank you for your help, advice and support. I relied on a lot of your teachings during the birth and whilst it was going well I remember the midwives commenting between themselves how well my breathing was going - I used visualisations and honestly found the pain manageable.

/  Lila /